How to Write Synopsis and Research Methodology

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MARD is a master’s program offered by Ignou University. Each masters course in Ignou consist of a project work and the subject code for MARD project is MRDP 001. Have you ever approached by your supervisor to write a synopsis for your MRDP subject or you only need to compose one? Or you only need to learn what it means and it's significance in research writing.

We have mentioned here each point why writing a synopsis is important and how to write  its research methodology part.

Synopsis is also known as proposal is a brief overview of what your study project is and each of the measures that you propose to follow so as to reach them. It provides you and your project mentor or supervisor a crystal clear perspective of what the study aims at achieving and within what time frame. Additionally, it enables you to keep focused and makes that the study work normally less tedious. This is the reason your Ignou MARD project synopsis need to be approached with clarity without any doubtful sentences.

How To Write Research Methodology

In your Ignou MARD project you'll need to go over the approaches you used to tackle your own research. The methodology or approaches section describes what you did and how you did it, enabling readers to rate the validity and reliability of your study. It must consist the following things:

1 - What kind of study you are going to do

2 - The way you are going to accumulate or chose your information

3 - The way you will analyse information

4 - Any instruments or materials you are going to use

The methodology Section should typically be composed in the future tense in your synopsis and past tense in your project report.

Describe Your Research Methodology

Start by maintaining your general approach to the study. What issue or query you will research, and what type of information you want to reply?

Explain Data Collection Method

After You've introduced your general methodological strategy, you need to provide full particulars of these methods you employed to run the study. Summarize the resources, processes and materials you've used to collect information, and the criteria you used to pick participants or resources

Explain your Methods of Investigation

Next, You need to suggest how you processed and assessed the information. Avoid going into a lot of detail--you shouldn't begin presenting or discussing any of your outcomes at this phase.

Assess your Methodological Choices

Your Methodology for MARD project proposal need to make the case for why you picked those specific procedures, particularly if you didn't take the most ordinary approach to your subject. Discuss why other approaches weren't acceptable to your own objectives, and show how this strategy leads new knowledge or comprehension.

You can admit limitations or flaws in the strategy you selected,

The formats of this composing of the proposal itself should adhere to the needs of study writing in your field particularly. For example the font size of the synopsis should be 12 with times new roman and references should be in the APA format. While composing the Ignou project try to follow the guidelines and compose according to the the guidelines.


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